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How to Wear Boots with Different Cuts of Jeans

How to Wear Boots with Different Cuts of Jeans

This time of year, there’s one combination that never fails: jeans and boots.

But it’s tricky to find the right shoe (height and shape) to go with the right jean (hem and width). So we’ve curated an assortment of the best bets for both—ones that go together like pumpkin and pie.


Everyday casual gets elevated with a straight leg and our Cindy boot. 

Get the look:  Jeans, Boot


A trusty favorite, we like these high-rise Rag & Bone pair in a dark wash with our lighter flat suede boot.

Get the lookJeans, Boot


The of-the-moment boyfriend jean has met its match in our Miso Platform Boot in a sleek black leather.

Get the look: Jeans, Boot


Embellishments on this pair of cargo jeans works with the functional zipper down the front of our Nicole Hi Boot.

Get the look:  Jeans, Boot


We’re mad for Nili right now and we love the look of these metallic boots peaking out from the flared hem. 

Get the look:  Jeans, Boot


The cropped hem on these dark everyday picks let the buckle detail on our Hardy boot take center stage. 

Get the look: Jeans, Boot


With a wide leg like these, we love the contrast of a super sleek boot (like our Mini Kate) peeking out from underneath.

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