By Jaclyn Palermo


    Each expectant mother's pregnancy journey is unique, yet there are common joys and nuisances that are shared. With the body changing to support the womb, the mama-to-be will be navigating physical, emotional, and mental changes that are all the beginning of her profound role into motherhood. Whether your giftee is a first-time mom or she's done this before, pamper your pregnant pal with gifts that will bring a sparkle to her trimesters and ease the discomfort of a growing belly.

    Hydration, sleep, and skin changes are frequent concerns, so we have a few practical maternity presents below. If you would like to spoil her with something simply beautiful, we have gifts for that too. From smaller items that can be bundled into an elegant gift basket to jewelry she'll treasure forever, future moms will not be disappointed.


    Have her step into pillow-like shoes after a long day of supporting the growing weight of her little bundle. Her feet will thank you. 



    As seen in Harper's Bazaar.

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