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Happy 2nd Anniversary Larroudé

Happy 2nd Anniversary Larroudé




 Larroudé is officially two and to celebrate what feels like a major milestone (we launched during Covid, after all), we wanted to celebrate with some of our faves.

 Last Wednesday we gathered at Keys & Heels for a night that felt as bright, happy, and joyful as the brand we’ve created. Guests walking in were immersed in the world of Larroudé—custom coasters, signature cocktails including “the best margarita in town,” and our iconic campaign images posted throughout.

 Photographer Maxwell Swift snapped guests including our latest collaborator Jennifer Fisher, Dani Stahl, Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz, Rickie de Sole, Jane Keltner de Valle, Maya Gorgoni of Royal Jelly Harlem, the ladies of Communité and Noted LA, and so many others who are a part of the special community that has been there every step of the way.

And like everything we do, it was all about the details. We put a few of our bestselling styles in the window at Keys & Heels so passersby’s could see. Bartenders were in our beloved Larroudé hoodies, Tables had “IRL BeReal” disposable cameras that we customized to create a “real” real just for the night. And we even had E’s Bakeshop in Brooklyn create a cake in the shape of our new Wanda platform sandal.


Seriously, Best.Night.Ever.

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Enjoy the designs!

Sue Harnett

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