Larroude x La Vie Style House


    The epitome of head to toe, the Larroudé x La Vie Style House collaboration has been nearly a decade in the making. After meeting during her earliest days at Barney’s, Marina long dreamt of creating something special together. The limited-edition capsule is the brainchild of ambitious female founders who have paired La Vie’s signature happy, tropical prints with Larroudé’s most classic sandal and mule silhouettes in a collaboration of matching sets that meet the moment.


    “Marina is the person who discovered, put us on the map at Barney's (when no one knew our name) and in a sea of fashion critics... advocated for us. She put us in the window on Madison Avenue and has continued to sing our praises and been our biggest brand ambassador. Without Marina, who knows where we would be? With her we’ve seen such success and support from another female entrepreneur and we are eternally grateful to have her by our side. We can't wait to partner together as we both continue to grow!”

     – La Vie Style House Founders Lindsey Mcclain and Jamie Coulter


    We Made A Splash
    See snaps from the Hamptons event as we celebrated the launch of our head-to-toe matching sets with the ladies of La Vie Style House. 

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