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Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist

Destiny Venice

A noted hairstylist and groomer, we had the pleasure of working with Destiny Venice on our latest campaign shoot in New York. Known for her eye-catching looks, we love her deft hand and how her art translates to storytelling through visually compelling styling. So, after a year of championing self-awareness and goal-setting, we checked in with Destiny to hear a bit more about how she’s navigated Covid, what the pandemic taught her, and how she stays inspired on the job, and off.


If I wasn’t a hair stylist, I’d be:

An artist— a painter, illustrator, muralist, a bit of all of the above. 


Most meaningful moment of the last year:

Last year was trying, but I’m thankful I had time to get my priorities right, and to remember there is so much more to life than work. I’m lucky to love what I do, but having hobbies—traveling, enjoying friends and family—are super important too. Finding balance is what I’m thankful for. 


What gives me hope:

I think just being self-aware and setting goals for myself gives me hope. Staying hopeful that I’m striving to always become a better version of myself, and to always keep growing in my love for myself and others. 


Favorite thing I’ve read lately:

“Peace is Every Step,” by Thich Nhat Hanh—I love his books, but this one really helped me in my everyday life to remember to be thankful for the things that are easy to take for granted. Little things like always having a nice meal to eat, and having two legs to walk on. 


What I can’t stop listening to:

I go through phases of music, but I am typically one of those people that get hooked on one song for a while or one artist. Currently that song is “Love Me Right” by Amber Mark.



Currently binge-watching:

I totally just binged watched the first season of “Glow Up.” 


Can’t wait to wear this Fall:

Everything! But I live for a great boot and heavy sweater. I love baggy comfy clothes, and also love a good layering moment.


Dream Fall splurge:

Other than a beach getaway? I’d have to say another Prada to add to the collection ;)


Favorite Summer memory:

I’ve had many, but if I had to choose one, I’d say my staycation in NY where we hung out at the pool all day, had cocktails, and flirted like silly teens all day.



Inspirational quote:

“Life is tricky, Baby. Stay in Your Magic.” (I’m not sure who originally quoted that one!)


Dream dinner guest:

Off the top of my head, Joe Pesci or Robert Deniro.


Favorite IG follow:

I’d have to say my dog’s account @normanthegrump, because it was obviously me following myself and it made me laugh. Instagram is a great way to stay connected, and to support fellow artists, but I’m not super caught up in it. 

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