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The Flip Flop and its resurgence—but did it ever really go away?

The Flip Flop and its resurgence—but did it ever really go away?

Where we started…


Whether we like it or not, Y2K style is back in full force. Think low-waisted jeans, bedazzled baby-tees, claw-clips, and more. Now flip flops have even nudged their way back onto the runways…and we’re here for it.


Trends may come, go, and cycle back, and the basic flip-flop silhouette is no exception. As we travel through the ever-revolving door of style, the early aughts left an indelible mark on style—and our wardrobes. But fear not! This time around, we're embracing this revival with a refined twist.


Where it’s going…


This season’s shows were packed with nods to the early aughts, but this time with a new—and necessary—twist. Today's flip-flops feel more sleek than beach, and are versatile enough to complement an array of personal styles. Whether you’re a classic minimalist or an eclectic chameleon, there’s a pair for you.


Larroudé’s Take



The Milan S. was created with everyone—and everything—in mind. Made for fashionistas and the on-the-go moms, alike. Even for barrier breaking celebs like Jennifer Lawrence who recently chose comfort on the Cannes red carpet. Simply put, the Milan S was designed to do casual and dressy in equal measure.

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