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Anatomy of a Platform

Anatomy of a Platform



At Larroudé, we care about the comfort of our shoes so much that we created the Larroudé cloud using revolutionary foam with high footprint cushioning to deliver a new level of comfort to the pairs you wear most. The same premise applies to the ease—and built-in comfort—of a platform shoe. 

Here’s what makes it so different than your typical heel and why we love it, and offer it throughout the collection. Not only does a platform give you an instant lift, it works to elevate the ball of your feet (as well as the height of your heel), meaning the foot is kept at a more comfortable angle than that of a lot of other shoes. Platform styles (like our bestselling Miso, Jane, and Fall’s Dolly) raise the toe area, which distributes weight more evenly across the foot, as opposed to the pressure put on the balls of your feet when you wear high heels.

You gain inches, ensure comfort, and walk away feeling uplifted. Everyone wins.

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