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25 Super-Comfortable High Heels That Are an Absolute Dream

25 Super-Comfortable High Heels That Are an Absolute Dream


By Lauren Adhav


Heels can, quite literally, *elevate* any outfit (sorry, had to), but while they look stylish, wearing them often comes at a price: You have to sacrifice your precious toes, arches, and ankles, stock up on bandaids, and/or buy extra inserts to relieve the pain. Ever want to take a shoe off the second you put it on? Same. Not very fun.


While it can seem next to impossible to find a heel that’s both chic AND comfy, they’re definitely out there—even if it takes endless internet browsing to stumble across ’em. Lucky for you, we’ve already done the work and compiled a list of the 25 most comfortable high heels in various silhouettes, textures, and heights. You're sure to find at least one that works with your personality. From mules to platforms, we have you covered with all the actually comfy styles you could ever ask for. Wave goodbye to achy, sore feet and say hello to your new fave heels below.

Miso Platform Sandal In Ivory Leather

Larroude’s “Miso” shoes will be some of the most squishy platforms you’ve ever worn while still looking v chic. These also come in black, tan, and a purple print if you want to make even MORE of a statement. 


As seen in Cosmopolitan.

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