Set Your Alarm Clock For 4:20AM EST TIME - 04/08/2021

    Following in the footsteps of states before, New York has formally legalized the recreational use of marijuana. So in the spirit of this new landmark law—and the always favorite 4/20—we’ll be launching a new cannabis-inspired collection.

    “There’s such excitement in the air in NYC with this new decision that we wanted to do something special to celebrate. These designs have been months in the making but we couldn’t have planned the timing better. Now we’re even more excited to wear them.” – Marina Larroude


    A creative imagining of our signature styles, the collection includes the Colette in a white patent cannabis leaf print and the Ivy in a black patent cannabis print. Equal parts whimsical and ironic, they’re fitting for the season, and chic to wear all year round.

    Bridgette Bulger

    April 08, 2021

    I hope I get the leaf shoe😍 happy you arrived on my algorithm

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