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These Are the 20 Most Comfortable Heels on the Market Right Now

These Are the 20 Most Comfortable Heels on the Market Right Now


By Shelby Hyde

Confession time: I’m not really what most would consider a "heels person." I thought I was, once. But upon my arrival in Brooklyn nearly four years ago, I quickly realized that on the day-to-day, I am absolutely not. That said, in an attempt to not completely admit defeat, I’ve spent countless hours scouring the internet for the most comfortable heels to change my mind.

Luckily, there’s no reason to forego style for comfort, as there are plenty of cult brands going above and beyond to offer the best of both worlds in one well-made shoe. We’re talking memory foam foot beddings and strategically-made silhouettes that distribute your weight away from common pain-points. It also doesn’t hurt (no pun intended) that they come in aesthetically-pleasing designs that align with the latest trends. Ahead, I’m sharing the most practical heels on the market, all of which have been cherry-picked for their comfort-to-style ratio. 


Valerie Sandal In Silver Metallic Leather  

All of the heels in seasoned fashion director Marina Larroude’s eponymous line are fitted with a memory foam insole for maximum comfort. The fact that each trend-driven design is created using customer data is a bonus. 

As seen in Byrdie.

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