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26 Beautiful Nude Wedding Shoes to Match Any Bridal Look

26 Beautiful Nude Wedding Shoes to Match Any Bridal Look


By Jessica Booth

When it comes time to pick out wedding shoes, brides typically gravitate towards the traditional: white, lace, or maybe something a little bit embellished. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, of course—especially since white matches a bridal gown perfectly—but if you want to do something different that works just as well, you might want to opt for nude wedding shoes.

Nude shoes work well with basically any kind of wedding gown, whether it's pure white, off-white, cream, blush, or a more vibrant color. They're subtle, yet versatile. When you go for white wedding shoes, you usually only wear them on your wedding night, because not only do they get dirty, but they also just look bridal. Nude shoes, on the other hand, don't scream "It's my wedding!" and won't stain as badly.

When looking for the perfect nude shoe, you'll want to search for something that is beautiful to look at, but also something that feels comfortable enough to withstand hours of standing, taking photos, and dancing. Here's a look at some of the best nude wedding shoes you can buy now.

For the Trendsetter: Larroudé Gloria Sandal in Caramel Leather and Vinyl


Want your shoes to stand out just as much as your dress? Opt for these trendy Larroude heels, which feature a clear heel and strap and lace up the ankle. Larroude is another brand that offers a few different shades of nude for every skin tone.

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