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“Anti-Quiet Luxury”

“Anti-Quiet Luxury”

We're witnessing the return of maximalism, bidding farewell to “quiet luxury.” The new Apple TV+ series, Palm Royale,has reinforced this trend forecast with abundant florals, lively patterns, classic silhouettes, and a myriad of bold accessories. Palm Royalenot only reflects the current zeitgeist but also propels it forward, inspiring individuals to embrace boldness and expressiveness in their personal style. 

Through its vivid depiction of lavish lifestyles and flamboyance, the series ignites a renewed appreciation for the grandeur and indulgence that maximalism offers, encouraging viewers to abandon restraint and embrace joyous exuberance as they immerse themselves in this visual feast.

Abundant Florals

Whether it's bold or subtle, colorful or monochromatic, floral patterns are a timeless way to make a statement and be the shining star of your own look. We've especially noticed a resurgence of busy allover florals, reminiscent of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s in vibrant color palettes. As fashion begins embracing maximalism once again, these lively florals are emerging as the go-to choice for those seeking to make a memorable sartorial statement.

Gigi Burris Hat, Posse Top, J.Crew Pants, Quay Sunglasses, Larroudé Flora Mule

Statement Accessories

Step back into the glamorous world of the ‘60s and ‘70s with Summer's statement accessories. Embrace bold, eye-catching pieces that exude retro-chic details—think oversized sunglasses that scream vintage Hollywood, adorned with colorful frames and quirky shapes that add a playful touch to any outfit. Elevate your look with chunky, geometric jewelry with mod appeal, featuring vibrant hues and abstract designs that demand attention. Complete your look with headscarves and turbans reminiscent of the stylish icons of the past.


Farm Rio Cover-Up, Montce One-Piece, Gucci Sunglasses, Gigi Burris Hat, Larroudé Milan S

Artistic Motifs

Motifs can be intricate, bold, colorful, or minimalist, showcasing the artistic prowess of their creators. Artists and designers often draw inspiration from various sources, such as nature, mythology, or historical events, to create unique motifs that captivate the eye and evoke emotion. The placement of these motifs on clothing, whether meticulously arranged or whimsically scattered, adds to the artistic appeal of a garment. From nautical motifs to retro prints, this trend encapsulates the kind of diverse themes and styles we love to wear.

Alémais Dress, America & Beyond Clutch, Lizzie Fortunato Earrings, Lizzie Fortunato Necklace, Larroudé Poppy Espadrille


The revival of the vibrant and eclectic spirit of the ‘60s and early ‘70s has sparked a renewed interest in kaftans—a perennial favorite of our co-founder, Marina. This resurgence embraces the groovier aspects of the era, channeling its free-spirited energy. Kaftans, with their flowing silhouettes and exotic influences, have emerged as sartorial symbols of this nostalgic revival. Based on insights from Trendalytics, retailers have increased their offerings of the airy dress style by 30 percent since the premiere of "Palm Royale" on Apple TV+ last month. With their timeless allure and contemporary relevance, kaftans are here to stay.

Miguelina Kaftan, Lizzie Fortunato Earrings, Jane Win Jewelry Bracelet, Larroudé x Gabriela Noelle: Dew Drop Mule

Ladylike Jackets 

This epitome of elegance, the ladylike jacket exudes an air of sophistication and high class style that’s reminiscent of Palm Beach’s most exclusive country clubs. An elegant blend of a jacket and cardigan, the silhouette exudes refined femininity and can be crafted from luxurious wool, breathable cotton, or textured bouclé. It styles effortlessly back to high-quality denim, yet pairing it with a mini skirt elevates the piece to new heights—the juxtaposition of the structured jacket with the flirty femininity of a mini skirt creates a dynamic ensemble that exudes confidence and allure. 

Maje Jacket, La Double J Skirt, Gigi Burris Headband, Lizzie Fortunato Earrings, Larroudé Daisy Mule



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